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Your Truth vs. The Truth

2016/07/31 · 第655期 · 刷出好文章
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Your Truth 是比固执己见更强烈的一种表现形式,与客观存在的事实 The Truth 相违背。坚持 Your Truth 的人会顽固很长时间,当听到不同的声音时,反应会很强烈。

文章举了 Steve Ballmer 执掌微软最后几年里对智能手机的态度为例,从他鄙视、嘲讽 iPhone 到他在微软的手机战略,都贯彻了他的『Your Truth』(应该叫 His Truth)。

”… people hold onto their truth for much too long. They hold on too tightly. They turn an opinion into their truth. They extrapolate their truth from a small number of data points. The generalize one experience to create their truth. They react emotionally to something that they disagree with and anchor on their truth. They justify their behavior by holding onto their truth."

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