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采访内部员工:为什么 Google+ 会失败

2015/08/03 · 第296期 · 刷出好文章
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看完后感觉水很深啊。文中采访的那些Google员工(或前员工)都很有想法、很有意见,很多都能说出“假如我来做的话,我会 ...“之类的话。好吧,做不好看来都是领导的问题。是吗?

"Google launched Plus without a clear plan to differentiate the service from Facebook. It bet on a charismatic leader with a flawed vision, ignored troubling indications about the social network's traction (or lack thereof) with users and continued throwing features at the wall long after many had written Google+ off for dead."

那现在是什么情况?"Google+ is shifting from a Facebook clone to more of a Pinterest lookalike to see if it can build momentum. "

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