• Don’t forget to introduce yourself to help work out everyone’s nerves.
  • “Tell me about your background” is not a useful question for a tech interview.
  • Probe when you see a resume with a long list of skills. Separate the truth from filler.
  • Don’t “try out” new questions on candidates. Know what a good answer sounds like.
  • Make sure you have them write code! This is too often skipped.
  • Dig into algorithms, data structures, code organization, simplicity.
  • Use some questions that are vague and open-ended. See if they ask you questions to find out more.
  • Ask a design question. See how people think about a bigger picture problem.
  • Create core competences for your company. Make sure candidates measure up well.
  • Make it tough but fun. Good developers want to know they’re talking to smart folks.