Referral program执行技巧

靠用户口口相传拉来的用户,粘性比做广告拉来的用户要高。所以网站/app为了快速增长用户,都要有referral的机制。本文是心理学和营销学大师Robert Cialdini介绍的referral program的技巧:让用户知道他们不是一个人;(假装)跟他们同类;先有付出(Paypal给钱,Dropbox送存储空间);循序渐进索取;成为权威;凸显稀缺性。 1. Social Proof: Show your audience they’re not crazy because 1000 other people are doing it too. 2. Liking: People say yes to people they’re similar to. Be less you and more like Robert Cialdini. 3. Reciprocity: Give first and expect a favor in return. 4. Commitment: Getting people to commit to something small first helps getting them to say yes to the big question. Will you marry me? 5. Authority: When Peep Laja speaks on conversion, people listen. 6. Scarcity: You pull into a shopping mall and there is 1 spot left in the front and you’re going to have to park a 10 minute walk if you don’t get this spot. It’s you and 1 other car racing for it. That’s scarcity.