startup 工厂

越来越多成功人士办这种 startup 工厂了:批量投资、生成各种 idea。比如 Zynga 创始人 Mark Pincus 的 Superlabs,Digg 创始人 Kevin Rose 的 North Technologies,Twitter 创始人 Ev Williams 的 Obvious Corp,Paypal 创始人 Max Levchin 的 HVF Labs。 这种 startup 工厂的模式有个好处,当旗下某个小团队有难,其他小团队可以及时支援:
When Giphy, a Betaworks-backed search engine for GIFS, launched last year, it was flooded with demand, so much so that the system completely melted down. It was 3 am on a Saturday morning, and the Betaworks team was able to pull together an operations person from Betaworks, one of the company’s hackers in residence, and an engineer from Digg, one of Betaworks’ most successful portfolio companies. By the end of the weekend, not only was the system back up and running, but Giphy had four full-time staff members working on the company.