Reid Hoffman:如何成为好的创始人

如果不想看视频的,可以直接看文字。他结合 LinkedIn、PayPal以及他经历过、投资过的公司案例来讲。他还有提到地理位置的重要性,不是每个领域都适合在旧金山湾区创业的;比如 Groupon,需要大量的销售,总部就在中西部(芝加哥),而不是在湾区。
So how do you know you might be a great founder? Well you should have some super powers. It's generally speaking useful to be a good product person. It's useful to have good skills about leadership, bringing networks in, persuading people, and it's useful to be able to- and this is kind of fundamental, is recognized whether you are on track or not. To have that kind of belief but also paranoid about am I tracking against my investment thesis? And when you do that the right way and you are learning and you are assembling people and you are assembling that around you.