Paul Graham 的文章。 文章里提到年轻人创业的一个优势是:没钱。没钱之所以成为一个优势是因为,1)软件行业主要成本是人,人的生活成本低,就意味着省钱;2)因为没钱,你思考的东西也是便宜,你做的东西的定价也会很低,这样普罗大众才有可能用 -- 革命性的东西都是比既有的东西便宜10倍100倍的。 Robert Morris and I were 29 and 30 respectively when we started Viaweb, but fortunately we still lived like 23 year olds. We both had roughly zero assets. I would have loved to have a mortgage, since that would have meant I had a house. But in retrospect having nothing turned out to be convenient. I wasn't tied down and I was used to living cheaply.