Larry Page:与其把钱给慈善机构,不如给 Elon Musk

这是旧闻了。我觉得 Larry Page 这个思路不错。比起现在有各种道德问题的慈善机构,一些好的公司能帮助到更多的人,甚至直接推动人类文明的前进。

问:You once said you might consider giving your money to Elon Musk because you had confidence he will change the future. Larry Page:He wants to go to Mars. That’s a worthy goal. We have a lot of employees at Google who’ve become pretty wealthy. You’re working because you want to change the world and make it better; if the company you work for is worthy of your time, why not your money as well? We just don’t think about that. I’d like for us to help out more than we are.