Google 何时会开始衰败

文中举了 IBM 和微软的例子。在 IBM 和微软全胜的时候,可能很少人会想到他们会有今天这个境地,风光大不如前。IBM 在PC时代没做好,微软在移动互联网时代没做好,那么 Google 呢?会有一个什么东西兴起了,而 Google 没把握住?文中认为这种 Google 没把握住的东西是 native ads (原生广告?)。 ... over the last few years a new type of advertising has emerged: native advertising ... native advertising is advertising in article format; for Twitter, native advertising is a promoted tweet; for Facebook, native advertising is ads in your news feed; for Pinterest (a future giant) a promoted pin. These sorts of ads are proving to be massively more effective and engaging than banner advertisements ... Google has nothing in this regard (with the notable exception of YouTube). Moreover, all of the things that make Google great at search and search advertising – the algorithm, the auction system, and machine learning – are skills that don’t really translate to the more touchy-feely qualities that make a social service or content site compelling.