Vine insiders: Twitter never liked what Vine became

采访了两个 Vine 前员工以及一个 Vine 重度用户。Twitter 管理层想把 Vine 搞成分享比较艺术的视频的地方,不料本届用户不听话,净上传搞笑视频了。

“their vision was art, but it became personal and entertainment, and it was an uphill battle to fight for the creators and the comedians ... You definitely didn’t feel a lot of support from above in that direction.”

成人网站 Pornhub 还开玩笑地说想收购 Vine。

文中贴了一条 tweet,上面有国外网红在各个社交渠道做广告的价位表;如果有5万到50万粉丝的话,发一个贴,在 YouTube 上收 $2500,在 Instagram 或 Snapchat 上收 $1000,在 Twitter 上收 $400。