Emergent Layers

这一系列文章提出了一套分析牛逼产品为何牛逼的框架:稀缺资源在某公司引入一层抽象后不再稀缺,但新的稀缺资源出现了,并被该公司掌控 + 用户有很多或昂贵或杀鸡用牛刀的选择,但却无法干脆利落地完成任务。

文章举了很多例子加以说明。Whatsapp:发短信太贵(发展中国家稀缺资源,用户昂贵的选择),引入聊天app的抽象,形成网络效应(新的稀缺资源,并被Whatsapp掌握);AWS:数据中心(稀缺资源,小商家或个人用户昂贵的选择),引入AWS云服务的抽象,稳定、用户信任(新的稀缺资源)。还有其他例子:Uber、Airbnb、Intel、Google、Facebook、Medium、iPhone 等。


In current industry ______, customers are overserved by _______: they spend too much of their time, money, or other on _______, and it feels inefficient, saturated or wasteful. The real reason they’re served by ______ in the first place is because they have a higher level need, _______. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to serve these customers at this level directly because of some constraint, ________, which is often difficult to recognize.
However, that constraint melts away when _________ becomes abstracted away into something scalable and abundant because of _______. When this happens, _______ can now serve customers directly at their higher level need, _______, by leveraging the abundant element _______ in brand new ways that never existed before. When this happens, a new scarce resource, _______, emerges. Over time, the company that makes all the money is the one who gains a monopoly hold on ______ and become the only game in town.