Medium创始人Ev Williams把网上的低质量内容比作垃圾食品。网站们、媒体们都去产生垃圾内容,优化点击率。然后网民们的时间(与生命)就浪费了。

根源在于网站们、媒体们都在优化page view这个数字进而容易做广告(因为广告商们普遍在乎page view);看一秒钟网页,算一个page view;看30分钟,也算一个page view;花几天时间研究并撰写一篇优质长文,还不如转载一个gif。

"... if we reward people based on a measurement system where there’s literally no difference between a one-second page view or reading something that brought them value or changed their mind, it’s like – your job is feeding people, but all you’re measuring is maximising calorie delivery. So what you’d learn is that junk food is more efficient than healthy, nourishing food."