All Software is Legacy

作者对自己维护的 perl 的 CGI module 有感而发,颇有哲理。我们现在写的每一行新代码最终都将成为 legacy;正如所有软件都有 bug,所有软件都是 legacy。

『The important thing is that we learn from that and we make sure the future legacy is easy to understand. Write clean interfaces, good tests, descriptive commit messages. Another important thing is to understand the lineage; In’s case the module was in part responsible for Perl’s huge popularity early on, and even propelled Perl forwards. When the limitations of’s implementation were hit alternative code was written in response, again and again, leading to where we are today.』

几年前很多网站的 url 里经常看到 /cgi-bin/ 的字样,那十有八九是用 perl 的 搭的网站:)