Steve Jobs在1980年演讲的视频

很多人都看过了他在2005年Stanford毕业典礼的演讲,那时候他50岁,已然一代枭雄。 这个1980年的视频中,他才25岁。想想看,放到现在,这就是一个1989年出生的人在演讲。 小公司常常面临招人困难的情况。一个很厉害的工程师同时拿到google和你们公司的offer,不管你开多少钱,google肯定能match上的。所以用钱来吸引人,根本干不过google这样(不作恶?)的公司。这段话或许对各个正在创业中的同学们帮助: ...[when you look at] why people have come to Apple, why they came originally, it certainly wasn't for the salary. A lot of people took 50% pay cuts to work at Apple. We pay competitive salaries now, but we certainly don't attract people on the basis of salary. We attract people on the basis of an opportunity to work your butt off, and get something done right, and sneak it out the door without getting all screwed up. And an opportunity to work with professionals that are as good as you are in other disciplines.