The role of a Senior Developer

工作了三年的工程师,算不算Senior Engineer?归类Junior或Senior不是简单地看工作年限的。这篇文章写得很好,很多句话都是那种“我心里也是这样想的,但让他给表达出来了”的感觉。

" application of this sort of theory results in over engineered systems that are flexible in ways that don’t matter, and inflexible in ones that do matter."

"A senior developer will understand that this job is to provide solutions to problems, not write code."

"A senior developer understands that you cannot do everything yourself, and that their primary role is to help their team get better, in many of the same ways they themselves strive for personal improvement."

"A senior developer understands that leadership is not about power, it is about empowerment. It is not about direction, it is about serving."