YC 流派的创业追求快速增长(盈利、用户数等),每周至少增长5%-7%。作者观察了8月份YC demo day的22家公司的数据,平均每月增长60%。面对如此漂亮完美的数据,风投进城如何防骗?

"As investors, we should be focused on whether a company has impressive engagement and retention metrics. We should examine its early unit economics closely. We should see if its users absolutely love the product. If these foundational elements are in place, I for one am usually willing to bet that growth will come, and that it will come sooner rather than later."

尽管盈利、活跃用户数等有一些第三方机构在 audit,给造假制造了一定的门槛;但道高一尺魔高一丈,类似国内这家公司的案例其实是很普遍的。