Amazon CTO 的文章。从2006年3月14日上线第一个云服务 S3 后,AWS走过了10年。“There is no compression algorithm for experience.”

总结的这10条经验教训既可以当做运营 cloud business 的商业经验来看,也可以当做是搭建分布式系统的工程经验来理解,值得一读。

边换引擎边开飞机:"... the evolution of Amazon S3 could best be described as starting off as a single engine Cessna plane, but over time the plane was upgraded to a 737, then a group of 747s, all the way to the large fleet of Airbus 380s that it is now. All the while, we were refueling in midair and moving customers from plane to plane without them even realizing it."